gold IRA

Itís not been widely known that the IRS has long permitted retirement accounts such as IRAs to hold gold and other precious metals. Thatís because most retirement accounts are administered by bank and brokerage companies, who have no incentive to allow client to diversify into asset classes that are not within their expertise.

gold IRA fees
Since precious metals investments require less ongoing bookkeeping than other investment types (I.E. Ė Real Estate), we have established a separate fee schedule for them. Our annual gold ira fees start at just $75 for your IRA-held metals, however the annual fees do not include storage costs. New Direction IRA is an IRA provider but not a depository. Your metals must be held with a depository service while owned as an IRA investment. The good news is that unlike most Precious Metal IRA providers, we allow our clients to choose their depository for added flexibility (true self-direction). The depository service will invoice your IRA directly and result as a pass through cost. You may pay the depository fees from your IRA cash balance or out of pocket.