one-on-one qualitative solutions

Our one-on-one qualitative solutions can be used in conjunction with an online survey or as a stand-alone qualitative tool. Whatever the application, these one-on-one qualitative sessions help you effectively listen to consumers and achieve your research objectives.

What is a one-on-one qualitative solution?
What is a one-on-one qualitative solution? Qualitative research, whether in the form of groups or one-on-ones, is designed to reveal consumer behavior and the perceptions that shape their buying habits. By providing in-depth access into the mind of respondents, one-on-one qualitative solutions deliver feedback that offers a deeper understanding. A one-on-one qualitative solution allows for more personalized, and often more engaging discussions than qualitative group methods. Moderators are able to focus on the individual and delve deeply into their opinions to truly understand the dynamics at work as they relate to the topic. iModerate’s online qualitative methods give respondents an added layer of comfort as they are essentially anonymous. This translates to a more open and honest conversation even when discussing the most sensitive of subjects.

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